Khan Food Compnay

Our commercial and food complex launched its export unit in 2011

Khan Company is a supplier of food products with the highest international standards that has official standards certificate of health and quality and food hygiene

KHAN Company’s specialized product is saffron, which we claim with complete confidence that we offer and sale the best quality saffron in the world in terms of nutritional value, taste and color, and in terms of being health-oriented.

As part of our responsibility and commitments we design safety and sustainability into our products and manufacturing processes, we handpick products harvested at their best. Every our product goes through multiple stages of quality checks and ensures that only the best one is available for consumers

Our goal is to offer a variety of first-class products, especially food products with the highest quality. the most important advantage of our products is health-oriented of it , and the second advantage of our products is our fair price for customers.

It should be mentioned that our group , with its advanced laboratories and large halls to sort and product packaging and with more than one hundred active packaging forces, is ready to produce packaging with a custom design and with the customer’s name and brand.

the quality of our goods is FIRST CLASS.

our group is proud to have the most satisfied and loyal customers in diffrent countries of globe.

Join us and enjoy our quality goods and services.

Purpose of Khan Company

The goal of our group is producing, processing, packaging, marketing and selling saffron with a different and new approach.

Our products, exclusively is saffron of different types in a variety of packaging, is exported to the European countries as well as Canada, the Arab countries, Australia, and the USA.

Also our most important goal is to satisfy customers, so that the customer is a constant of our products and whoever uses our products and benefits from advantages our products, is always a loyal customer of our products.

Brands of Khan Company

Khan Company owns several brands that the products of Khan brands have high qualities in accordance with the highest international standards, and also the products of Khan Company brands in exchange for high quality products, offer fair prices to its customers.

Khan Company’s brand in the field of saffron is called Sativus, which is derived from the scientific name of saffron.  Sativus saffron has the highest quality that has been prepared from Ghaenat city;  All our saffron lands and fields are in Ghaenat city ; and the saffron harvested in Ghaenat city has been known as the best saffron in the world for hundreds and maybe thousands of years;  Saffron of our collection enters the competition field by using the valuable and continuous trade of managers, specialists and experts by completing the quality control equipment of the laboratory and performing the required tests in the field of improving the quality of products in accordance with international standards . these Cases have made Sativos saffron able to satisfy its customers in different countries of the world

Using the most advanced technology in industrial production and product packaging to achieve the highest production quality by supplying the best agricultural products, obtaining national and international standards, variety in weight, beautiful product design, and preserving the highest priority for dear consumers are our endless effort and we remain committed until we reach the highest peaks of perfection.

Our complex has a specialized saffron laboratory and a specialized hall for cleaning, sorting and packing of saffron.

Our Group , with its advanced laboratories and large halls for sort and product packaging and more than one hundred active packing forces, is ready to produce packaging with a custom design and with the customer’s name and brand.

Certificates related to the saffron product of our collection

Official representatives of Khan Company in different countries of the world

Khan Company has representatives in different countries of the world and the people of these countries can receive all kinds of saffron in our collection with stylish and various packages in their own country from our agencies in that country;  It should be noted that Khan Company and Sativus Saffron Collection have free courier for customers in some cities and countries of the world, and we are able to deliver any amount of saffron that the customer wants and to the desired address for free in these cities and countries.

Our company has official representations in the USA , Canada, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia , Oman and Iraq.