About Khan Food Company

the goal of our group is producing, processing, packaging, marketing and selling saffron with a different and new approach.

our products, exclusively is saffron of different types in a variety of packaging, is exported to the European countries as well as Canada, the Arab countries, Australia, and the USA.

also our most important goal is to satisfy customers, so that the customer is a constant of our products and whoever uses our products and benefits from advantages our products, is always a loyal customer of our products.

Our Products

  • Saffron


Khan Company's brand in the field of saffron is called Ethmar

Highest Quality

Ethmar saffron has the highest quality that has been prepared from Ghaenat city;

Best Saffron

The saffron harvested in Ghaenat city has been known as the best saffron in the world for hundreds and maybe thousands of years;

Ghaenat City

All our saffron lands and fields are in Ghaenat city

International Standards

Our saffron complex has quality control equipment and large and advanced laboratories, as well as large halls for product sorting and packaging, and we have been able to bring the quality of our products to the highest international level. Our saffron collection has an official certificate of health, quality and standard in Iran and has a certificate of quality, health and hygiene in countries where it has official and active representation there

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