Saffron in Kitchen

Saffron is used for its unique flavor, color and aroma in meat, chicken and seafood dishes and in traditional dishes such as pilav-rice, paella and risotto.

It is sufficient to add 100-125 milligrams of saffron to a meal prepared for three to four persons. It is therefore not costly at all to obtain a most desirable flavor, color and aroma in food.

Method of consumption:

1- The contents of the pack have to be poured into a glass or porcelain container. It has to be grinned to turn to a soft powder. To prepare meal for four people a teaspoonful of the powder has to be mixed in half a cup of warm water (about 50 ml). In order to extract the maximum out of its effective elements, the container has to be closed and left in a warm place for 15–20 minutes. Then the saffron liquid could be added to the food.

2- First Fully grind saffron and dissolve the required amount in some ice cubes one hour before using it .

Method of storage:

In order to protect the effective elements of saffron in the most possible, saffron should be stored in a closed container, away from direct light, moist and heat.

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